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“Straight-As Program is really a “must-have” for all working parents, and what’s really great about it is that; it’s affordable too”.

Puan Nora Nordin
Head of Quality Control, I&P Bhd

“I would definitely recommend Straight-As Program. This program is a simple, inexpensive and effective way for parents to monitor their children’s progress”.

Dato' Nasrudin Bin Hj Ali

“Straight-As Program is really great. It’s cheap, convenient and very effective. Now I’m no longer clueless when it comes to my son’s exam-readiness”.

Puan Zuraida Zakaria

“The revision practices in Straight-As Program were really helpful in preparing my son for his UPSR examinations. He scored 5As in the examinations”.

S.M Salim Abu Yusof
Engineer, JKR

“It’s amazing how such a simple concept as Straight-As has so much intrinsic benefits to offer. Now, my reason for subscribing to this program goes beyond making a “Straight-As” student out of my son. It’s truly amazing”.

Rashid Sulaiman
Project Manager

“Knowing my own level of exam preparedness also made me more confident of myself”.

Aliff Naqiuddin Dato’ Nasrudin
Sek. Men. Agama Persekutuan, Kajang
9As PMR 2004

“The program’s ‘80% passing marks requirement’ is a great feature as it made sure that I was really well-prepared for my examinations, and when it was time, I knew I was exam-ready”.

Siti Nur Amalina Kamal,
SK Seri Selangor, Subang Jaya
5As UPSR 2003

“Practice do make perfect”.

Umar Abdul Aziz
Sekolah Rendah Islam Integrasi Masiid Darul Ehsan, Subang Jaya
5As UPSR 2004

Ikuti perkembangan pembelajaran anak anda & bantu mereka bersiap-sedia menghadapi peperiksaan mereka. Program Straight-As™ adalah satu sistem pemantauan yang "mesti ada" untuk ibubapa yang mengambil berat tentang perkembangan pembelajaran anak mereka. Kami menyediakan anda dengan suatu kaedah yang mudah, murah, dan berkesan untuk membantu anda mendapat maklumat terkini perihal prestasi pembelajaran mereka, pada bila-bila masa, di mana sahaja anda berada.
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Helping Children Do Better in School

Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Children's Education

Read together

Children who read at home with their parents perform better in school. Show your kids how much you value reading by keeping good books, magazine, and newspapers in the house. Let them see you read. Take them on trips to the library and encourage them to get library cards. Let children read to you, and talk about the books. What was the book about? Why did a character act that way? What will he or she do next?

Look for other ways to teach children the magic of language, words, and stories. Tell stories to your children about their families and their culture. Point out words to children wherever you go -- to the grocery, to the pharmacy, to the gas station. Encourage your children to write notes to grandparents and other relatives.
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"If you plan for a year, plant a seed. If for ten years, plant a tree. If for a hundred years, teach the people."

Kuang Chung


"Terima kasih kepada iCerdik kerana memberi peluang kepada murid-murid SK Lenga menggunakan aplikasi iCerdik pada tahun 2015. Pelonjakan GPS ke 1.41. Satu pencapaian yang luar biasa. iCerdik terbaik"


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iCerdik di Program Sarana Ibu Bapa SK Dusun Tua

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