Community Partnership - Good Practice

Companies live within the community. They depend on the community in many ways and the community depends on them. Supporting employee involvement in community issues enriches the community and the company.

Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as open and transparent business practices that are based on ethical values and respect for the community, employees, the environment, shareholders and other stakeholders. It is designed to deliver sustainable value to society at large, and emphasizes the economic, social and environmental bottom-line wellness.

The corporate sector is encouraged to become more engaged in being socially responsible. Supporting education, such as adopting a school, is another possible activity. Companies can be creative in looking at how they can contribute to children, youth development and the under-privileged. The opportunities for company interaction with the community are vast.

Want to adopt a school?

Our Adopt-A-School programme, introduced in 2006, was aimed at providing an opportunity for the corporate sector to foster closer ties with the community, giving special attention to developing a closer bond with schools, teachers, parents and school children within the community.

The corporate sector will be able to cultivate strong partnerships with the community by putting their precious Corporate Social Responsibilty resources in education through the Adopt-A-School programme.

Positive role models, leadership and motivation are important to any age group, what more school children. In our effort to help raise the awareness about the significance of education and knowledge among the school-going community, we have been working with more than 30 schools (and increasing) since we first started the school adoption programme.

With the involvement of the corporate sector, schools will get access to an efficient profiling and monitoring system that provides real-time feedbacks and reports with relevant data that not only saves time and cost but most importantly helps schools monitor, review and measure students' performances in a timely and much more systematic, efficient and effective manner. With such a system in place, schools will be able to focus and give attention on equally important issues such as importance of positive decision making, leadership among peers and positive motivation among the student fraternity.

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